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The DEWALT brand was forged from a commitment to innovative and enterprising design, from the need to deliver world-class, performance-boosting solutions to our professional end-users. It is this ethos that drives us to continually engineer ground-breaking systems – systems designed to outperform and outlast competitors in even the harshest of environments – to continually push the boundaries of our power tools and what our tools can achieve. DEWALT kick-started the cordless revolution, we granted unparalleled portability, runtime and performance to millions of end-users all over the globe, and strive to ensure that construction professionals the world over see DEWALT as the benchmark for quality. In August 2016, DEWALT unveil the revolutionary XR FlexVolt battery pack – the world’s first 18/54V convertible battery pack – and the dawn of a new era in cordless power tool technology.

Unlocking the full potential of cordless technology

The DEWALT XR FlexVolt is a convertible 18/54V battery: 2completely backwards compatible with existing 18V DEWALT products, yet with the option to amplify its voltage to an unprecedented 54V to be used on bigger construction power tools. Traditionally, when compared with corded power tools, even the most efficient cordless system provided a compromise between increased portability and reduced power, between greater ease-of-use and reduced runtime. DEWALT have recognised the daily frustrations these limitations cause our end-users, and engineered the DEWALT XR FlexVolt system to eliminate any and all restrictions, to provide a cordless system that offers zero compromises. DEWALT XR FlexVolt has the dual advantage of unbeatable runtime in all existing DEWALT 18V power tools, as well as the power necessary to access applications completely unheard of for cordless technology. With this one innovation, DEWALT have finally unlocked the full potential of cordless, and now possess the unique ability to power even heavy duty construction power tools – using nothing but a cordless battery.

Cordless, heavy duty construction power tools – engineered to the DEWALT standard

The power of the DEWALT XR FlexVolt battery opens up new avenues in cordless, heavy duty construction power tools, and DEWALT are delivering the new XR FlexVolt product range to accompany this innovation – completely in keeping with the principles of DEWALT technology: heavy duty solutions that remain compact and durable. The ground-breaking new DEWALT XR FlexVolt range is comprised of 8 products designed to completely transform the jobsite of tomorrow: a 54V Grinder, 54V SDS plus Hammer, 54V Circular saw, 54V Alligator saw, 54V Reciprocating Saw, 54V Plunge saw, 54V Table saw, 54V 216mm Mitre saw. These are cordless, heavy duty construction power tools with all the accuracy, capacity and power of corded. To take the DEWALT XR FlexVolt Table saw as just one example, this is a power tool capable of cutting 92m of 19mm (¾”) OSB from just one charge of a single battery – yet portable enough to be easily moved from room to room, and without the need to search for a power source. This is world-leading performance, from cordless solutions that promise to redefine the very notion of cordless technology.

 Game-changing results, zero compromises

1The DEWALT XR FlexVolt battery pack and product range is delivering game-changing technology – the power of corded with the freedom of cordless and none of the drawbacks – the days of compromise are over. To learn more about the DEWALT XR FlexVolt battery pack and product range, and continue the DEWALT journey of innovation, please visit www.dewalt.de

Markus Morlok, Brand & Marketing Manager Powertools said “To put this simply, the DEWALT XR FlexVolt range is the next chapter in cordless technology. DEWALT is launching a range of tools that are not just extremely powerful – they will also provide in excess of a full day’s runtime on single charge for most users. The potential for this technology is limitless: for each and every trade. Just one, practical example, is that of a Roofer; a Roofer will traditionally prefer to use cordless technology when working at height to provide freedom of movement and avoid trailing cables, but is forced to carry a corded circular saw to allow the capacity to trim hip joints. The new DEWALT XR FlexVolt range not only offers a high capacity circular saw to cut larger timbers, but the battery is also interchangeable with the table saw and mitre saw – allowing
true cordless flexibility for his entire tool kit. The battery is also interchangeable with his existing 18V tools, providing the ultimate convenience. This is cordless power as never before – the jobsite will never be the same again.


About DeWALT

With more than 90 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing world-class solutions for the professional construction industry, DeWALT represents performance, innovation and reliability. Tools that carry the DeWALT brand are Guaranteed Tough: engineered to exceed the expectations of building contractors and professional tradesmen, even when tested in the most extreme construction environments. The DeWALT reputation for quality has been earned from the company’s commitment to providing best-in-class products that meet the highest levels of durability and end-user protection. DeWALT supplies complete application solutions for the modern construction environment, which include corded and cordless power tools, saw blades and power tool accessories, dust extraction attachments, anchors and fastenings, jobsite storage, lasers and instruments, generators, compressors and more. DeWALT also has one of the most extensive service and repair networks in the world. For more information, visit www.DeWALT.com

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