Lana – Vacation Time

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A couple of weeks ago we went to Malta! If I’m honest the weather wasn’t much different, just less humid.Post

We stayed in Sliema, which is across the bay from the capital of Valetta. We took the ferry across the bay to spend a day in Valetta and we wandered around in the Barakka Gardens and saw a lot of the architecture of the city. We also went to the beach a LOT, and at one point we took a ferry to the island of Comino to swim in the Blue Lagoon. At one point we could swim through a cave to get to the open ocean, and we saw a fair amount of fish and even some jellyfish at one point. We also visited a cat garden, where people can take cans of cat food and give them to the strays that live in the park.

We had a fair amount of work to come back to, but it was good to have a break. Next week the new interns arrive, so some of our work has been preparing for that.