Sarah – Jag Älskar Sverige

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aAt the end of last month, me and my friend took a holiday to Sweden to visit our friends who are studying over there which was absolutely amazing! It was lovely catching up with everyone, and seeing what life in Sweden is like, and getting to party like a student again!

Over the course of our stay there was lots of exciting events and parties to go to. The first night we arrived we went in hard as there was an event called “Time Beer”, where the beer was the price of whatever time it was… so naturally we drank an awful lot and played some drinking games too!

We also did a bit of sightseeing around Örebro, going around the city centre to a few nice restaurants, seeing the castle, going up a viewing platform, and venturing out to a nature reserve and a big lake, as well as walks in the forest making fires.

The one thing about Sweden I won’t be missing however is the mosquitos!!

Work over the last few weeks has also been quite relaxed, and I’ve now got another holiday planned to Bournemouth coming up soon, so things couldn’t be better!