Lana – Spring Turns To Summer

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A lot has happened at work in the past few months, what with the second quarterly review and several important meetings. As interns we’ve done a lotDSC_0357 as well – we’ve been to the cinema to see Endgame (if you’ve been keeping up with our escapades then you’ll notice we’ve been to see several Marvel films), and recently we got it into our heads that a weekend trip to Malta was a good idea, so all of us (minus Liam) planned a holiday for June. We also found time to go to the food festival in Idstein one weekend and lounged around on the bean bags for a good portion of the afternoon.

A friend of mine from Tübingen came to visit Frankfurt, so I showed her around the city and we went to a few museums, but ultimately it was nice for the two of us to relax by the river or in various cafes. Margarete was expensive but had really good food, and Das Eis has several flavours of ice cream that deviate from the regular selection. Our favourite bar was Nachtleben, which is directly outside the entrance to the U-Bahn station Konstablerwache – cheap(ish) drinks and good atmosphere. We also stumbled into the Freßgasse festival on the Sunday of this weekend just gone and while the crowd was small, the food and drink was very good.

Basically, my week’s been very food centred, which is fine by me! A lot of festivals crop up in Frankfurt and Idstein, so at least there’s always stuff to do.