Liam – Mum’s Visit

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The weather for the Easter Bank Holiday was hot here in Germany and my mum came to visit me. We stayed in Frankfurt over the Easter weekend. IMG_20190420_132532The long weekend was well enjoyed with my mum exploring Frankfurt, walking up the river Main, all the way up as far as the European central bank headquarters, as well as and eating at some of the many restaurants the city center has to offer.

On the Saturday we went and visited Frankfurt zoo for the day. It’s been a while since I visited a zoo, but I had a lot fun. My favourite part would have to be visiting the penguin enclosure. It’s built so that you can go underground and view the water from the side so that you can see all the penguins swim around underwater. It was also my first time visiting a zoo that was based right in the city center. The zoo was surrounded by walls with tall buildings behind them. It was a different experience for sure.