Sarah – Familiy Time

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The last few weeks have been quite hectic with lots to do and deadlines to meet, as well as my uni project that I finally handed in last Friday! Now that everything is done though, I’m finally relaxing and putting my feet up. It does however feel weird like I don’t quite know what to do with myself now that things have finally calmed down. However, with the more spare time I now have, I’ve started learning Chinese! Next weekend we also plan on finally going to see Endgame in the cinemas so I can’t wait for sarathat.

My family recently came to visit me as well so that was nice spending some time in Frankfurt and Idstein showing them around, going to museums, restaurants, sightseeing, etc. And now I’m looking forward to another holiday I’ve got planned to visit some friends in Sweden at the end of the month.

Perry – Chocolate!

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These past couple of weeks have been really stressful. The deadline for the new Stanley product was getting closer and there were a lot of things that were not completed. So, I had a short amount for time to get a lot of things done. On top of that my uni project deadline was also close and I was nowhere near done. The first of May was a bank holiday here in Germany which meant that we did not have work day. The timing was perfect because it gave me a whole day to complete my uni project.

My friends from the UK also came to visit. They came on Thursday and stayed till Sunday. On the first day we spent the day in Frankfurt and just went to some of the tourist attractions. Despite me having lived here since August I had never taken the time to go look at most of the tourist attractions so this was a very good opportunity to do so. The other days we went down to Düsseldorf and then Köln. We actually attended a concert in Düsseldorf. It was my first time going to a concert and I felt pretty bummed out once it was over since I felt like it went by way too quickly.

Köln was also very nice. It was my first time being there. We went up the Panorama Triangle and visited the Lindt Chocolate Museum and made personalized chocolate bars.

Catherine – Vamos A La Playa

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20190324_122932My workload has been quite steady this month. I have been doing my usual tasks such as editing photos using photoshop, updating product information on Hybris and doing translations. In addition to this I have helped the social media team collect information about the interactions on the Black & Decker Facebook page and I created graphs based on sales information for the Germany, Austria and Switzerland regions. Also, I have been working on my year abroad essay which is due in at the end of May. I am looking forward to it being completed so I can relax and enjoy the rest of my placement here.

This month I went on a trip to Dublin. I enjoyed seeing the sights such as Trinity College and Dublin Castle. It was also a good opportunity to visit family. It was nice to go on a day trip to Bray and see the sea (unfortunately Idstein lacks beaches …). At Easter I will be going back to England for a few days so I’m looking forward to catching up with my family and friends.

Liam – Festival Season

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IMG-20190410-WA0000At the end of last week, I had two friends come to visit me from England. It’s always good to take some time off work, and even better when the weather is nice for the entire weekend. We spent the Friday travelling into Frankfurt, where I showed them all around the city. They live in London and so are used to the fast paced, busy lifestyle. However still enjoyed their time and liked Frankfurt a lot.

Saturday was the main event. a group of us from Idstein and the extra support from England travelled down to Mannheim for the Time Warp festival. We had a great time down there and it was also great to see some of the German friends I had made in Mannheim (my flatmate comes from Mannheim and I often travel down with him on weekends to see his friends and family).

I decided to make it a long weekend and take the Monday free from work also, allowing me to give my friends from England a nice tour around Idstein where we ended up enjoying a coffee and ice cream in the picturesque town center, before going home to attempt to cook some traditional German food. Overall I had a great long weekend and already look forward to the next time that friends come to visit.

Sarah – Retail Therapy

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Work has been extremely busy lately with lots going on due to the new business quarter commencing and sales meetings which I have being doing IMG_5972preparations for. For example, I have been working on the competitor comparison analysis’s, translations of product descriptions, updating the website, as well as my usual tasks such as sales reports.

I have holiday coming up soon though so I’m looking forward to going home for Easter and seeing all my friends and family and having a break from work. In the meantime, my weekends have mainly consisted of eating kebaps and playing games recently, however I think this weekend we are planning a shopping trip to Frankfurt to have a bit of well-deserved retail therapy!

I’ve also been slowly getting on with my uni project as well, so I can’t wait until that is done and out of the way with. I just had a deadline on Friday for part of the project and now I’ve just got my last deadline on the 3rd May to worry about, and then I’ll be free!

Perry – Naanwich

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dWork has gone back to being really chilled so I am not too stressed at the moment. I have become used to the tasks and being on the eCommerce Team. Our final Uni deadline is also slowly creeping up. It would be good for me to get on with it and get it finished.

We have recently been doing a lot more outside of work. We used to maybe do something once or twice a month at the weekends, now we do maybe something once or even twice a week. I think it really helps getting you through the week when you have something to look forward to on the weekends. Just last weekend we went to see Captain Marvel at the Frankfurt CineStar Metropolis. The good thing about the cinema is, that they show movies in English. Even though the other interns and I would have been fine watching the movie in German but dubbed movies are a bit irritating to watch so were glad they had it in the original language. I was so surprised because the whole movie was practically booked out and I didn’t quite understand as to why German people (a lot of kids at that) would want to watch the movie in English. It is only later on that I realized it wasn’t German people but American. Quite a lot of American people live in Frankfurt/Wiesbaden I have recently found out.

We also went and tried Indian food for the first time since we have been here in Germany. We went to this restaurant in Frankfurt called Eatdoori. It was right by Frankfurt Main Station. The Naanwich there is definitely worth trying.

Catherine – Celebrations

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IMG_5990We are now over half way through our time here at SBD. It’s a good time to reflect on everything we’ve done so far and look forward to the rest of the year we have left on placement. This month I have been completing my usual tasks such as updating product information, editing photos and creating monthly reports. I have also been continuing to help create social media posts and I have done some translations. In addition to this I helped carry out competitor analysis which was interesting. I also went to a sales and marketing meeting which was good. It is nice to have the opportunity to find out more about new products being introduced. Outside of work we have been out for meals and went to Wiesbaden to see the Karneval parade. There were a lot of events on in the week leading up to Ash Wednesday and it was nice to get a chance to see the celebrations as it’s not something we celebrate in England.

Liam – No Risk, No Fun

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IMG_20190224_112510Last week I went away on a snowboarding trip in Schwarzwald. It was my first time on skiing holiday, so naturally I had prepared myself for falling over for the entirety of my time there. However, I wasn’t as bad as expected and I actually got the hang of things pretty quickly, which made my time there much more enjoyable.

We stayed in an Airbnb by Feldberg and it was an experience. Travelling up through Schwarzwald to the slopes everyday with swiss mountain ranges in the very distance is something I’ll always remember. Although we had planned to go in February so that there would be no issues with the amount of snow, the temperature was still much higher than we ideally wanted, with most days around 12-14°C. However, this didn’t seem to have too much of an impact, as there was still loads of snow all over, leaving the snowboarding experience unaffected.

To the absolute surprise of my team, I survived the week and made it back into office in one piece. Here in the office in Idstein, current projects involve preparing the presentation of various new tools we have been working on for the Sales meeting that will take place at the end of this month.

Perry – Worth It

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dWe are now in our 7th month and you could say that we are halfway done. I’d always questioned whether it was worth it doing a course that included a one-year placement. If it wasn’t for the placement I’d be in my final year, I’d be graduating this year and I would finally be done with university. Since being on placement, I have realized that being here has given me a lot of opportunities which I am very grateful for. The experience and skills that you get from working in a professional environment (and abroad at that) are not something that can be learned by attending lectures every week, so I am glad I took this opportunity.

I am currently still getting the hang of being on the Amazon team but besides that not much has changed regarding the tasks I do. My workload lately has been quite heavy though and I have really been feeling the pressure of working here.

Outside of work not much has been happening either. Fasching is coming up. It’s the equivalent of a carnival except that here in Germany it lasts several days. I’m excited for all the events that are coming up. Even though its only February the weather has been nice and warm. The sunrise each morning while walking to work is so nice to look at.

Sarah – Milkshake & Kebab

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aComing to the end of our seventh month of being here and work is going really well at the moment as I have been working on some new and different projects to the usual, for example I have been involved in making a video for social media by creating and editing lots of images on Photoshop which is really fun. And being creative is a welcome break from excel sheets and numbers! I’ve also been given a little extra responsibility, taking on some extra tasks while a colleague is away which is great.

Last week I took a few days off work as my boyfriend was visiting so we spent our time in Frankfurt, where we went to Frankfurt Zoo, Main Tower, Sachsenhausen (with my favorite pub Klapper 33!), and a load of great restaurants too. In one restaurant I had the best milkshake of my life, it was cookie dough flavor with a mountain of cookie dough on top! We were also really lucky with the location of our hotel because being right next door to a kebap place, we had it almost every day for breakfast!! I think that will definitely be the thing I miss the most about Germany because the kebabs in England don’t even come close…

It was nice to have a little break from work and explore a bit more of Frankfurt. Thankfully the weather has finally started to warm up as well so no more snow or ice!