Harry – First month at Stanley Black & Decker

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I’m little over a month into my placement in Idstein and I’ve seen my responsibilities steadily grow as I further acclimatize to my new surroundings. I am really enjoying my insight into the world of trade fairs and have particularly enjoyed preparing the DISPOs for various Messen across the DACH region.

I have recently turned 21 and to celebrate I was treated to consecutive weekend visits from my parents, which gave me a chance to show off Idstein to them. My Dad made the trip by car, and so we had the freedom to explore the surrounding towns and villages. Königstein is an especially pretty town, which I can only describe as the Cotswolds meets the home counties with a dash of Hansel and Gretel chucked in for good measure.

To find somewhere to watch english football we headed to Wiesbaden which was a pleasant surprise. The influence of the local army base has turned this suburb into a something taken straight out of the States; here one can find numerous American style bars and restaurants. The 20th Century architecture contributes to an atmosphere that gives the feeling of a stroll down fifth avenue.

The 3rd October marked Tag der Deutschen Einheit, a German holiday which commemorates the anniversary of reunification. I used the opportunity of a long weekend to visit Dublin with my girlfriend, so many pubs so little time! We made the most of the excursion by eating and drinking as much as we could fit in. The notorious Guinness Storehouse was a must-see and lived up to expectations, but Dublin’s rich art and music scene was a shock highlight. In Germany the holiday allowance is much more generous than back home – combined with an opportunistic approach to cheap flights and deals – jetting off to various destinations across Europe is very possible

Lana – Vacation Time

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A couple of weeks ago we went to Malta! If I’m honest the weather wasn’t much different, just less humid.Post

We stayed in Sliema, which is across the bay from the capital of Valetta. We took the ferry across the bay to spend a day in Valetta and we wandered around in the Barakka Gardens and saw a lot of the architecture of the city. We also went to the beach a LOT, and at one point we took a ferry to the island of Comino to swim in the Blue Lagoon. At one point we could swim through a cave to get to the open ocean, and we saw a fair amount of fish and even some jellyfish at one point. We also visited a cat garden, where people can take cans of cat food and give them to the strays that live in the park.

We had a fair amount of work to come back to, but it was good to have a break. Next week the new interns arrive, so some of our work has been preparing for that.

Catherine – Almost there

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The time has been flying by and there is just two months left of my placement year at Stanley Black & IMG_5990Decker. It is hard to believe that we have been here for nearly a year and that the new interns will be joining us in just one month.  My workload has been steady this month and I have carried out my usual tasks such as editing images, updating reports and updating product information on Hybris which is a product information database. I have also done some translations. It has been very warm and sunny in Idstein during the last few weeks (I think we are all grateful for the air conditioning in the office!). There is a lot to look forward to in the coming months such as a holidays so the last few months here will be interesting.

Lana – Long Weekend

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lanaI went home over the weekend to visit family for the last time before the end of my placement here. It was short but good to see everyone, and we walked by the quay even though it was much rainier in England than in Idstein (no surprise there…). Nothing much exciting happened on my trip home aside from having to stay an extra night in Amsterdam due to a missed connecting flight. Sometimes it’s nice to go home and relax for a bit.

So far the summer in Idstein has been almost unbearably hot (35°C!!), mostly due to the geography of the land around us as we’re landlocked, but the aircon in the office makes it much more enjoyable and not so humid. We get a lot of thunderstorms too, which is all fine and good when you’re indoors but getting caught in one isn’t so much fun. Basically, the weather has been very good and we’re doing our best to make the most of it. I think we have a trip planned to Frankfurt for Saturday, which will be 30°C – we were also looking at the weather for our trip to Malta and it’ll be around the same temperature.

Liam – Home Soil

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IMG_20180715_195451Last week I had a week holiday and took the time to fly back to England for the week. It was great to see everyone back home again, as it was the Christmas Holidays when we last saw each other. It was also a well-timed trip back home, as there was always lots to do. Upon landing I went and stayed with some friends who live in London and enjoyed the long over due catch up with them all. Afterwards I headed back home to see the family (and pets), not long there after we then headed to my uncle’s, who had was celebrating his birthday and had a BBQ at his home, where even more family came to visit.

After as very jam-packed first 48 hours back in the country, I then had some time to relax at home and spend the time throughout the following week meeting and catching up with old friends. The highlight being at the very end of my short stay in England, as the champions league final between Liverpool and Tottenham took place, which was great as I haven’t really had the opportunity here in Germany to follow the football as I normally would back home. (I don’t religiously support a football team but enjoy watching the games nonetheless) and to watch the game, we had a viewing party round a friend’s house, who hosted a surprise birthday party for a good friend as well. This meant that I had the chance to catch-up with a lot of friends who travelled from all corners of the country to be there for the occasion.

After a great week off in England, it’s back to business in the office here in Idstein for 4 more weeks then it’s time to head on my next trip away to Spain with a big group of friends. The weather is starting to heat up as we head towards summer now and everything is on the up.


Sarah – Jag Älskar Sverige

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aAt the end of last month, me and my friend took a holiday to Sweden to visit our friends who are studying over there which was absolutely amazing! It was lovely catching up with everyone, and seeing what life in Sweden is like, and getting to party like a student again!

Over the course of our stay there was lots of exciting events and parties to go to. The first night we arrived we went in hard as there was an event called “Time Beer”, where the beer was the price of whatever time it was… so naturally we drank an awful lot and played some drinking games too!

We also did a bit of sightseeing around Örebro, going around the city centre to a few nice restaurants, seeing the castle, going up a viewing platform, and venturing out to a nature reserve and a big lake, as well as walks in the forest making fires.

The one thing about Sweden I won’t be missing however is the mosquitos!!

Work over the last few weeks has also been quite relaxed, and I’ve now got another holiday planned to Bournemouth coming up soon, so things couldn’t be better!

Perry – Last Quarter

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dIncluding this month there are only three to go. We have finally hit our last quarter of our placement (kind of). Looking back I feel like the past couple of months have gone by really quickly. We have some exciting things planned as a group though and hopefully the coming months will fly by.

There was also a flea market. It only happens four times a year (I think). Considering how small Idstein is in comparison to Frankfurt, the flea market was pretty good. Although I did not buy anything. Lana and Sarah who I went with went absolutely ham.

Ryan, one of the interns before us, and his girlfriend came to visit Idstein on one of the many Feiertage we have. We went out for a nice meal at, surprise surprise, the Mexican restaurant here in Idstein. It was really nice to catch up with him and his girlfriend and hear all about what to expect once we go back to uni for our final year. To our luck the wine festival was going on in Idstein at the same time, so we paid that a visit. Although I am not fond of alcohol the wine I got was ‘drinkable’ and cheap!

Catherine – Summer is here

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IMG_5990This month I have been doing my usual tasks such as editing photos using photoshop, updating product information on Hybris and doing translations. I also filled in the NPI Template which contains all information and images of products that will be launched. Although it is time consuming to complete the template, it is useful to have all of the information in one document. I have also been completing my university work for this year which included a reflective learning journal. It has been really useful to have an overview of everything I have learned over the year. I went home at Easter for two weeks. It was nice to have a break from work and to see family and friends who I haven’t seem for a few months. The weather in Idstein has been getting sunny and warm here the past few days, so it feels like summer has finally arrived.

Lana – Spring Turns To Summer

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A lot has happened at work in the past few months, what with the second quarterly review and several important meetings. As interns we’ve done a lotDSC_0357 as well – we’ve been to the cinema to see Endgame (if you’ve been keeping up with our escapades then you’ll notice we’ve been to see several Marvel films), and recently we got it into our heads that a weekend trip to Malta was a good idea, so all of us (minus Liam) planned a holiday for June. We also found time to go to the food festival in Idstein one weekend and lounged around on the bean bags for a good portion of the afternoon.

A friend of mine from Tübingen came to visit Frankfurt, so I showed her around the city and we went to a few museums, but ultimately it was nice for the two of us to relax by the river or in various cafes. Margarete was expensive but had really good food, and Das Eis has several flavours of ice cream that deviate from the regular selection. Our favourite bar was Nachtleben, which is directly outside the entrance to the U-Bahn station Konstablerwache – cheap(ish) drinks and good atmosphere. We also stumbled into the Freßgasse festival on the Sunday of this weekend just gone and while the crowd was small, the food and drink was very good.

Basically, my week’s been very food centred, which is fine by me! A lot of festivals crop up in Frankfurt and Idstein, so at least there’s always stuff to do.

Liam – Mum’s Visit

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The weather for the Easter Bank Holiday was hot here in Germany and my mum came to visit me. We stayed in Frankfurt over the Easter weekend. IMG_20190420_132532The long weekend was well enjoyed with my mum exploring Frankfurt, walking up the river Main, all the way up as far as the European central bank headquarters, as well as and eating at some of the many restaurants the city center has to offer.

On the Saturday we went and visited Frankfurt zoo for the day. It’s been a while since I visited a zoo, but I had a lot fun. My favourite part would have to be visiting the penguin enclosure. It’s built so that you can go underground and view the water from the side so that you can see all the penguins swim around underwater. It was also my first time visiting a zoo that was based right in the city center. The zoo was surrounded by walls with tall buildings behind them. It was a different experience for sure.