Harry – First month at Stanley Black & Decker

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I’m little over a month into my placement in Idstein and I’ve seen my responsibilities steadily grow as I further acclimatize to my new surroundings. I am really enjoying my insight into the world of trade fairs and have particularly enjoyed preparing the DISPOs for various Messen across the DACH region.

I have recently turned 21 and to celebrate I was treated to consecutive weekend visits from my parents, which gave me a chance to show off Idstein to them. My Dad made the trip by car, and so we had the freedom to explore the surrounding towns and villages. Königstein is an especially pretty town, which I can only describe as the Cotswolds meets the home counties with a dash of Hansel and Gretel chucked in for good measure.

To find somewhere to watch english football we headed to Wiesbaden which was a pleasant surprise. The influence of the local army base has turned this suburb into a something taken straight out of the States; here one can find numerous American style bars and restaurants. The 20th Century architecture contributes to an atmosphere that gives the feeling of a stroll down fifth avenue.

The 3rd October marked Tag der Deutschen Einheit, a German holiday which commemorates the anniversary of reunification. I used the opportunity of a long weekend to visit Dublin with my girlfriend, so many pubs so little time! We made the most of the excursion by eating and drinking as much as we could fit in. The notorious Guinness Storehouse was a must-see and lived up to expectations, but Dublin’s rich art and music scene was a shock highlight. In Germany the holiday allowance is much more generous than back home – combined with an opportunistic approach to cheap flights and deals – jetting off to various destinations across Europe is very possible

Catherine – Weekend in Frankfurt

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There is less than a month left of our placement at Stanley Black and Decker! This year has flown by and 05.08.I can’t believe that I will be leaving soon – it feels like yesterday when we had our first day. It’s been an interesting year and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to work at SBD and to learn so much.  I’m looking forward to seeing what the last few weeks at Stanley Black and Decker will bring. I went to Frankfurt on Saturday and visited a few museums. On the last Saturday of the month lots of Frankfurt’s museums have free entry which is great. I went to the German film museum, the historical museum Frankfurt and a few others. It was nice to finally go to the museums in Frankfurt and it was good to have a last look around Frankfurt because it is such an interesting city.

Lana – Vacation Time

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A couple of weeks ago we went to Malta! If I’m honest the weather wasn’t much different, just less humid.Post

We stayed in Sliema, which is across the bay from the capital of Valetta. We took the ferry across the bay to spend a day in Valetta and we wandered around in the Barakka Gardens and saw a lot of the architecture of the city. We also went to the beach a LOT, and at one point we took a ferry to the island of Comino to swim in the Blue Lagoon. At one point we could swim through a cave to get to the open ocean, and we saw a fair amount of fish and even some jellyfish at one point. We also visited a cat garden, where people can take cans of cat food and give them to the strays that live in the park.

We had a fair amount of work to come back to, but it was good to have a break. Next week the new interns arrive, so some of our work has been preparing for that.

Liam – Vacations and the last weeks at work

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It’s been roughly one year now to the day where I first moved to Germany before starting at Stanley Black & Decker and it’s crazy to think how 22.07.quickly the year has flown by. It seems almost like yesterday I was travelling to my new apartment with all my belongings tucked away in my suitcases and here I am today making plans to get all my things back to England soon.

I’ve just got back from an action filled stay in Ibiza with a big group of friends from England. It was great to see them all again briefly before I’ll head back to England and even more fun as we had the chance to all adventure around in Ibiza together for the first time.


Back in the office now and I have one more week to prepare everything Brand & Communication related before the new interns start their internships at the beginning of august. This mainly involves updating my reference document explaining in detail all the ins and outs of the jobs to do here in the B&C Team, so that after one month’s time when I am not here, they’ll have something to fall back on and support them.

Overall looking forward to the final busy weeks here at Stanley Black & Decker, there’s a lot to get through!

Sarah – Vacation in the UK

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I have recently just come back from holiday to Bournemouth visiting my boyfriend, which was amazing! It was so lovely having a break from work and being 24.07.back in the UK for a while and satisfying all my placement cravings, such as a cheeky Nando’s 😉


We spent a lot of time just lazing about and catching up, but we also went to some nice restaurants and did some fun activities like mini golf, the Aquarium going to the beach and along the pier, and having a few nights out at bars and pubs. We also did an escape room for the first time, which unfortunately we did not escape from, but it was a great experience!

Being back in the UK made me realise just how much I miss being back home with all my friends and family, but on the bright side we are reaching the end of our placement with Stanley Black and Decker soon!! I’ve also got a cool holiday planned to Malta with the other interns coming up, so I can’t wait for that!

Perry – Preparing my trip to Malta

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I feel as if the next coming weeks will be super busy with a trip coming up and us having to slowly start packing everything up to send 05.07it back home. The new interns will also be joining us in around three weeks which is really exciting. It is weird to think that we were in that position a year ago.

We went to Frankfurt this weekend to do some shopping for our upcoming Malta trip. It was really busy, and it didn’t really help that it was 34 degrees that day. We did enjoy some Starbucks that day though and it was much needed. Once we completed our shopping in Frankfurt we came back to Idstein to go to a Thai restaurant. I think for most of us it was the very first time trying thai food. I had stir-fried noodles with peanut sauce and chicken. It was pretty good, and the food was cheap as well.

Not all too much has been happening at work. Although we did fill 2 new position in the E-commerce team. It was exciting to welcome new people.